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Monday, November 16, 2009

BACKGROUND OF TSWANE HOME OF HOPE where Trail of Hope Foundation is hosting Holiday for Hope event on the 19th of Dec 2009.

BACKGROUND OF TSWANE HOME OF HOPE where Trail of Hope Foundation is hosting Holiday for Hope event on the 19th of Dec 2009.

Living and working on the streets of Sunnyside,Pretoria young girls are at the mercy of pimps and predators out to exploit them. Under cover of darkness, they prostitute themselves, surviving from one pick-up to the next and one substance fix to another. They have no hope of a different future.

Without homes, parents, mentors or education, these damaged lives have experienced only abuse, squalor, depravity and deprivation, hunger and hopelessness. Some of the girls have been abused, others are orphaned, but all deserve a better quality of life.

Tshwane Home of Hope offers a refuge from prostitution, a safe haven of love, care and hope for girls in crisis. Through love and care, we rekindle the spark of hope in their lives. We value them, and teach them the value of belonging. We re-introduce them to the education system, securing places for them at local schools. We mentor and support them, encouraging them to learn successfully. We wean them off the streets and teach them simple skills to earn an income from other methods.

We give these children hope.
We hope you will too!

With your support, we can repair broken lives, offering young girls hope for the future.

We need presents ,we need volunteers.

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Tendai Sean Joe
+27 971 5992


Abusers don’t discriminate against colour, creed or age. Child Abuse is rife in our country and unfortunately not nearly enough is being done to protect the future of our country, the children. Government is shirking their responsibility when it comes to providing for destitute families therefore making it increasingly difficult for the poorest of the poor to survive. Abuse & Poverty are the main contributing factors to street children and abandoned baby statistics in our country.

One of the resultant problems is Abandoned Babies. They are found in plastic bags, boxes, parks, public toilets, dustbins and sometimes just left on the side of the road. These babies are helpless little victims, innocent bystanders who did not ask to be subjected to the hardships they face, and this is where Tswane Home of Hope ,together with New BeginningZ would like to make a difference. The babies who are found alive are the lucky ones, but what about those babies who have had their lives stolen away from them by being suffocated in a plastic bag or frozen to death in a dustbin. And in our community this is unfortunately the harsh reality we are faced with far too many times as we come across dead babies.

It doesn’t have to end like this for all of them though. What if we could provide some alternative solution for these desperate mothers? A safe place where they can leave their babies safely and anonymously. A place like the “New BeginningZ Baby Door”.

Some might ask: But how can mothers abandon their babies? The answer is not an easy one, but from our previous work experience we have realised that these mothers sometimes feel they have no other options. Sometimes, the girls who are involved in Commercial Sex Exploitation have their newborn babies taken away and dumped by their Pimps in order for the girls to continue work almost immediately. Others are young teenage girls who are fearful of what their families might say and do to them and there are those who have been raped or part of an incestuous relationship and cannot begin to imagine how they are going to cope with a little child conceived in violence.
Tswane Home of Hope shelter in particular was the project where the “The New BeginningZ Baby Door” was installed. What is the “Baby Door” you might ask? Well, basically it is a square gap or hole in a wall with a hatch where desperate mothers can safely leave their unwanted babies. The person would lift the hatch and place the baby in the receiving bassinet which will press down on the hidden silent alarm button located directly beneath it. Although the person dropping the baby will not be able to hear the alarm, it will sound in the housemother’s room to alert her that there is a baby. She will immediately go and fetch the baby from the hatch regardless of time of day or night. We foresee that most will utilize the “Baby Door” at night.

PS STATISTICS :According to the Network Against Child Labour, more than 40 000 children under the age of 18 in South Africa are involved in child prostitution as a means to survive.
Many children find themselves without homes as a result of poverty, neglect or abuse. Surviving on the streets, they are vulnerable to the booming sex trade and human trafficking.