Friday, July 24, 2009

प्रेस Release

Press Release

23 July 2009

Trail of Hope,an epic motorbike ride from Cape Town to London by Tendai Sean Joe and fellow rider Albert Arcona has been postponed.

The 16 country ride ,which was supposed to take off in August and take three month to complete will be done soon on a date yet to be set.

During this extended period ,Trail of Hope will have some changes from partners involved as well as the route to be taken,however the countries the ride will pass through may not significantly change but there will be Rwanda,Burundi and Uganda added on the route.The planning and logistics Trail of Hope will also be stratergically relocated to Gauteng Province-Pretoria for easy liason with partners,sponsors and embassies.There will be also significant changes on our website so all updates will be on the blog until when the new website gets up.

Trail of Hope is also going to run independently,without the MYLIFE banner attached to it,this is a decision reached for the good of both projects .However the relationship will remain the same between the two organizations.But all communication concerning Trail of Hope will be passed only by the riders and or Tendai Sean Joe the ride concept founder.This is for the consistant flow of information to all stakeholders.

We apologize for any convenience caused .

For All Communication Concerning Trail of Hope

Call +27 71 971 5992


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