Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trail of Hope is a 16 country ,three month motorbike journey through Africa and Europeto raise awareness on the plight of children around the world. The campaign’s goal is to activate the international community against deplorable conditions that millions of children endure daily. Conceptualized by Tendai Sean Joe, a former “street” child, Trailof Hope seeks to create a platform that highlights the desperate struggles our children face to survive against poverty, HIV/AIDS ,crime , addiction, war, human trafficking ,wars ,institutionalization and disease.

Partnering with different organizations ,corporations, foreign missions ,governments ,public figures ,professionals and individuals the campaign brings to the forefront the dire situation of those vulnerable ,as they try to access the basic human needs like adequate food, education, health care ,shelter and environments safe from traffickers , pedophiles ,criminals and other.

Using the power of motorbikes, film and photography to document the journey, theriders also plan to visit critical areas along the route to expand the general public’s knowledge of programs working to alleviate the obstacles vulnerable children face. HenceTRAIL OF HOPE can be broken down into[Trail of Goodwill][Trail of Inspiration][Trail of Humanity][Trail of Sustainability][Trail of Awareness][Trail of Smiles][Trail of Ubuntu][Trail of Peace]

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