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Organisations Helping Children in Johannesburg

You can either volunteer ,drop off goods thus clothes or food.You can even organise a visit with friends.Its the festive season and the needy children need us all

Christ Church Christian Care Centre
Shelter, schooling, computers, sport
The Berea church centre can take in 26 children. All are given shelter and must go to school. The children are also offered computer literacy training and sporting activities, including netball, cricket and volleyball.

Contact person: Mike Sunker
Tel: (011) 642 4420
Fax: (011) 642 4420
Address: 15 Mitchell Street, Berea 2198


Sanctuary, hospice, day care, home care
Perhaps the best-known sanctuary for babies and children living with HIV/Aids, Cotlands also meets the needs of small children, whether HIV positive or negative, who have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Its place of safety at Turffontein takes in children whose parents are unfit, either temporarily or permanently; fostering and adoptions are made from here. Small children resident at Cotlands attend its Day Creche, but so do children from the wider community. There is a hospice which cares for children up to the age of six and terminally ill with Aids. And a home care project, begun in KwaZulu/Natal, has now been extended to Soweto, Orange Farm, Alexandra and Tembisa, to assist Aids orphans, child-headed and grandparent-headed families. Cotlands offers training, ranging from three-hour workshops to five-day courses, on HIV/Aids awareness and how to work with and care for the infected and affected. Courses and workshops are aimed at schools, care-givers, parents and learners as well as community workers.

Contact person: Kathy Volkwyn
Address: 134 Stanton Street, Turffontein
PO Box 74042, Turffontein 2140
Tel: (011) 683-7200
Fax: (011) 683-2609
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Web site:


Eldorado Park Early Development Centre
Creche, play, craft
This pre-primary school is supported by the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society and functions as an all-day crèche for working parents.

Contact person: Ingrid Okkers
Address: 52 Ametas Street, Nancefield, Eldorado Park
Tel: (011) 342-2935


Hearts of Hope
Hearts of Hope is a voluntary organisation that started in December 2002 by the efforts of Rivonia Catholic Church and St Lukes Anglican Church members. It cares for vulnerable and abandoned children who are infected and affected by HIV/Aids. The organisation houses six children and two foster parents at a three-bedroom home called "Thabang".

"Thabang" is the first of many homes that Hearts of Hope would like to establish within local communities, however ongoing financial support as well as community involvement is needed to make this dream work. So far, "Thabang" provides a loving, safe and caring environment in which children can flourish and develop in a family environment. Hearts of Hope aims to facilitate adoption into families and to source foster parents.

For more information:
Contact: Paul Reid
Address: 102 Churchill Ave, Wendywood
Tel: 011 884 1536/ 084 955 9765
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Jesus the Good Shepherd
Food, counselling, sport, home visits
The Berea-based organisation offers food to 80 children on Tuesday and Friday, as well as basic counselling on issues that affect them. Sport is laid on to draw them away from crime and begging: volleyball, soccer and netball. Those children who want to reunite with their families are offered home visits.

Contact person: B Curtis
Address: 15 Mitchell Street, Berea 2198
Tel: (011) 706 8519
Fax: (011) 886 1601

Johannesburg Alliance for Street Children
Capacity building, research, policy development
The Alliance, which serves all of Gauteng and, especially, Johannesburg, is an umbrella organisation for groups dealing with street children. It engages in capacity building in these organisations. It also carries out research on trends and issues relating to street children and policy development. Results of its research are shared with local, provincial and national government and the United Nations.

The goal of the alliance is to promote the reintegration of children into the community through family reunification where possible. It is also involved in updating the databases of organisations and other stakeholders, advocacy and lobbying groups.

Contact person: Liebe Kellen
Tel: (011) 982-7609
Fax: 086 513 2767

Contact person: Ivor Matshali
Tel: (011) 484-1590
Fax: (011) 484-6278

Nkosi's Haven
Shelter, schooling, training, home-based care, outreach
There are two havens named after South Africa's best-known Aids patient, Nkosi Johnson, who was born HIV positive and died 12 years later from an Aids-related illness. The house in Berea takes in Aids orphans; the original establishment, in Berea, houses HIV positive mothers and their children as well as Aids orphans, both HIV positive and negative. In addition, Nkosi's Haven looks after the needs of a number of Aids orphans in Klipspruit West and Sebokeng, providing food, clothing, school fees and emotional support and counselling, coming through with crisis intervention as well when necessary. In all, the organisation looks after 69 children and 17 mothers. Its outreach programme includes talks on HIV/Aids at schools and companies, and training for companies, targeting the workforce; specialised packages are arranged, depending on the companies' needs.

Nkosi's Haven
23 Mitchell Street, Berea 2198
PO Box 403, Melville 2109
Contact person: Oscar Martin-Ngwenya, projects director
Tel: (011) 642-1733
Fax: (011) 642-0793
Also premises of Goodhope Home Based Care
Umnonhaneni location, Tembisa
Tel: (011) 925-0312
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Web site:


Orlando Children's Home
Shelter, schooling, adoption, fostering, creche
This venerable institution has been going since 1940, taking in abandoned or orphaned children, aged newborn to 18, sent there by the Children's Court. Orlando is linked to Johannesburg Child Welfare for adoptions, although they do some on their own and also try to place children for fostering. There are currently more than 60 children resident at the home. The younger ones attend a creche on the premises, along with many other toddlers who live in the community. The older ones are sent to schools in the vicinity. Cared for at the home are children abandoned for a variety of reasons: some because they are physically or mentally handicapped; others because of their HIV status or because their parents have died and their relatives cannot take care of them. The home carries out an outreach programme, addressing teenagers at schools and pregnant women in clinics, telling them of the effect of abandoning their babies and explaining that there are other options.

Contact person: Mirriam Mazibuko
Tel: (011) 935-1209
Fax: (011) 935-1144
Address: 6514 Mooki Street, Orlando East.
Postal address: PO Box 123, Orlando 1804


Food, clothing, medical care, training
Soweto-based Othandweni, run by Johannesburg Child Welfare, has a range of projects which offer food, clothing, medical care and practical training to inner city street children as well as refuge for abandoned, abused or neglected babies. Under "basic care and human rights", it takes on everything from feeding and clothing children to family preservation activities outreach (the group last year declared war on glue-sniffing) and prison visits, and when necessary, guardianship at court. For older children, Othandweni offers cricket and soccer development and adventure camps as well as tuition in literacy and life skills, business training, catering and other skills, and tries to place the young people in jobs. For the babies, volunteers supply stimulation and TLC at playtime. A health care project runs a mobile clinic but also offers home-based care and health education as well as a care centre for terminally ill children.

Contact person: L Pienaar
Tel: (011) 725 6531
Fax: (011) 725 6572
Postal address: Private Bag X33, Hillbrow 2038 or JCW at PO Box 2539, Johannesburg 2000

•Othandweni selected to represent SA in a Best Practices competition


Rhema Service Foundation
Shelter, training, sport, family reunion
Rhema's shelters in Hillbrow and the CBD take up to 50 children and all of them are required to attend school fulltime. Among extra-curricular activities is art-making; the products are sold at flea markets to help fund the programme. The church also tries to reunite the children with their immediate or extended families.

Contact person: Lance van Graan
Tel: (011) 336 0083
Fax: (011) 334 1206
Address: Private Bag X3062, Randburg 2125
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web site:, then click on rsf


Siyakula Early Development Centre
Creche, play, craft
A pre-primary school in Alexandra, supported by the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society, which functions as an all-day creche for working parents.

Contact person: Sheila Luvuno
Address: 62 2nd Avenue, Alexandra
Tel: (011) 443-3224


Sparrow Schools Educational Trust
Specialised schooling, skills training, jobs initiative
This is a registered non-profit organisation that provides disadvantaged children and youth with learning and intellectual disabilities, with access to affordable, specialised education. The Sparrow Schools Educational Trust runs three different, yet interrelated, educational centres - a primary school, technical skills centre, and a job creation initiative - for children between the ages of 7 and 19. All the children who attend are disadvantaged and have varying degrees of educational backlogs, remedial problems, learning difficulties or intellectual disabilities. Situated in Johannesburg, the centres cater for over 850 learners annually, helping them, where possible, to overcome their learning disabilities and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to become independent and contributing members of society.

Contact person: Kathy Seals
Address: corner Gerty and Herman streets, Sophiatown
Tel: 011 673 3558/4410
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Streetwise South Africa
Shelter, schooling, art, drama, sport
Up to 24 children are offered accommodation at the Streetwise shelter in Bertrams (there are also branches in Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal) and an education at the New Nation School in Cottesloe. They are also given a chance to learn fine art, drama and gumboot dance. Sport is at the centre of the service, says Streetwise: soccer, athletics and basketball form part of their extra-mural activities. The organisation has been around since 1986; they try to serve as a link between the child and his or her estranged family, hoping for reunification; links continue even when the child has returned home.

Contact person: K Mogashoa
Tel: (011) 614 7883
Fax: (011) 481 5127
Address: 47 Terrace Road, Bertrams 2000
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thembalethu for Girls Project
Life skills, entrepreneurial training, craft, sport
This is a project of Johannesburg Child Welfare, located in Doornfontein. Thembalethu distributes food, clothing and blankets to children on the street, invites them to come to its drop-in centre and, when a girl wishes to come off the streets, arranges accommodation at Usindiso Shelter at Albert Street.

The drop-in centre at the corner of Noord and End streets in Doornfontein offers tuition in sewing and knitting to 30 girls between the ages of eight and 18, as well as lessons in basic life skills - conflict resolution, for example - and tries to work towards reuniting the girls with their families. Items made by the girls are sold at flea markets to help them earn an income. They are also encouraged to do gardening, which helps with food for distribution on the streets. Sport, including soccer, netball and athletics, is also offered to the girls

Contact person: T Mashiya
Address: corner Noord and End Streets, Doornfontein
Tel: (011) 402 8073
Fax: (011) 331 6192

Twilight Children
Shelter, food, sport, art
Up to 80 children between the ages of eight and 18 are offered overnight accommodation in the Shelter in Hillbrow by this organisation, one of the first in the city to take on the plight of streetchildren. In addition, food is provided twice daily to children sleeping on the streets. Those in the shelter are required to go to school and expected to take part in organised sport. As part of its training for entrepreneurship, art classes are also on offer.

Contact person: Mildred Mhlanga
Tel: (011) 484 1590
Fax: (011) 484 1591
Postal address: PO Box 650843, Benmore 2010
•Giving hope to Hillbrow's children of the streets

Usindiso Shelter
Food, accommodation
Run by Usindiso Ministries, the shelter in Albert Street currently houses 80 women with their children and 20 teenage girls. There's also a nursery school on the premises that looks after 55 children.

Contact person: Jay Bradley
Tel: (011) 334-1143/4 or 082-902-4611
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Workers Education Project
Developmental skills workshops
The Workers Education Project is an organisation geared towards the training of workers on issues relating to their rights. However there is within WEP a project for street children, called the Socially Excluded Project (SEP), which conducts workshops, through the Johannesburg Alliance for Street Children, for street children on their rights and on developmental skills such as assertiveness and conflict resolution. These workshops are also conducted at an annual Alliance camp for children from the streets.

Contact person: T Mdakane
Address: PO Box 10353, Johannesburg 2000
Tel: (011) 838-2181
Fax: (011) 838-2182


Youth For Christ (Amakhaya)
Shelter, training, sport, Christian values
The organisation offers shelter in Lenasia South to 54 children and mixes in a strong emphasis on Christian values and beliefs. All are required to go to school. In addition, youths are given entrepreneurial training such as carpentry and welding, and the sale of the items benefits the youths. Sport, say organisers, is at the centre of the service: soccer, athletics and basketball.

Contact person: J Naicker
Address: PO Box 79473, Senderwood 2145
Tel: (011) 857 1742
Fax: (011) 615 8913
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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