Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turning Point in My Life

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." Albert Schweitzer

Whatever life holds for us, we are indebted.For life, for enjoyment, for happiness, peace, for well being.For everything that we have, are and are going to be. It is a privilege to be alive.To be able to live and enjoy and give.From the time of birth, we are in debt to a million influences.To our miraculous physical creation – a million chemical reactions, transformations and creative forces.To the people who fed us from the bottle, changed our diapers, cuddled us and gave us the physical touch that we needed, clothed us when we couldn't have done so ourselves …We could have perished otherwise….Clean water.Fresh air,Warm clothes and cuddly blankets.Clean hygienic surroundings.Roof over our heads. Those who have touched and supported us mentally emotionally when we did not know any better.No doubt, some experiences may have left emotional and physical scars- but for the most part there was some good.

The fact that we exist in this universe- makes us indebted to the creator who gave us life.Gratitude for not only the good things in our life, but also the problems, our mistakes.And when we realize there is a loving source behind everything, we can be grateful.Also for our surroundings, the wonder and beauty of nature that is immaculate.When we feel gratitude, and acknowledge the source, we allow ourselves to feel joy and peace. We feel complete. The circle is complete. We have been given, we receive and we appreciate in gratitude.

Even the poorest of the poor can be rich if they have gratitude.For the breath the breathe, the life they have, the little comfort they enjoy.The little that the poor have is better than a feast at the rich with no gratitude or happiness.Gratitude is wealth. Gratitude is joy. Gratitude brings out the best in others and in us.Gratitude releases the negative and brings in the positive.We cannot be grateful without forgiving another.We cannot be grateful and hold grudges and thoughts of retribution or revenge.If someone has caused us to suffer loss or damaged us or our possessions to some degree and to this day cannot repay, should we be grateful?

Before we can experience gratitude in the face of wrong, we have to experience forgiveness. Of the event, the perpetuator, and of ourselves. Then we can go on and be grateful.
"When we harbor negative emotions toward others or toward ourselves, or when we intentionally create pain for others, we poison our own physical and spiritual systems….The challenge .. is to refine our capacity to love others as well as ourselves and to develop the power of forgiveness. Carolyn Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

My 26th birthday must have been the turning point in my life ,but i am realizing that everyday i see changes ,changes everywhere ,in the world, in my life ,in my friends and in everything. But what i really like is, all the change that is positive.

Touching a life can be done in so many ways, there are some of you who, unknowingly touched my life, changed the way i see life and vice versa. It may take ages for every one of us to reach this point, a point in life where we realize that we are no better or worse than the next person. We all have made mistakes, we all have been offended, we all have had time when we thought we were going to give up. Some of us have walked bumpy dusty roads of loneliness, we lost friends as we made new friends, and we left old worlds and walked in completely new worlds.

I like the fact that I now have the strength to show my appreciation, through a rather humble way, just by writing a simple note that will be archived in my secret locker, for those who will come after me to know that once upon a time,Tendai had a minute to salute his friends,collegues and peers who ,through one way or another had influence in his future.

Toni Stuart,although I may not express it,I owe you so much for the shoulder you gave me when we needed to discuss all those challenging issues I could not deal with alone.A few people know you the creative genious behind most of Trail of Hope press releases.Inviting me to talk to your high school students in Hout Bay,Cape Town meant so much to me.

To my sisters and friends Belinda Mutinhiri ,Melissa Tswana ,Elizabeth Tswana ,Tendai Chakanyuka , Phindi Mngomezulu,Lusanda Mahlasela ,Jacqui Hurt ,Raquel Wilson ,Shibu P Mamokgere ,Tracy Lee Brown ,Mireille Blake ,Esther Jumbo ,Angela Luff ,Marvelous Nyahuye ,Marceline Mutikori you have proven what it means to be real friends.Lusanda ,you know our friendship has passed the ordinary mark, it would be no surprise if I change my surname to Mahlasela and we officially become siblings !Tendai Chakanyuka that interview at Power FM in Zimbabwe will always be in my memories as one of those defining moments in my life.Melissa you know what it means for us to be like siblings,I will take you to Mutoko when you come to Zimbabwe! Jacqui you know the promise!I always smile when I remember the first day when we met! Tracy and Mireille Cape Town would not be that lovely without you!Guys I know I may fail to mention you,you know my number call me if you realise you not mentioned.Andy Wilson ,Emmanuel Ivogba ,Robert Mukondiwa ,Brett Santillan ,Ephraim Chaparadza ,Thozamile Ganjana ,Albert Arcona

I might have not mentioned you but remember you have had an influence in my life.I thank God for letting us know each other.


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