Monday, April 27, 2009


Its all a challenging adventure,so exciting but also taxing.I am glad ,Albert never gives up ,so do i,we crack all day,sometimes fail to even eat as we put everything together.Imagine the thought of putting our lives on the line in Sudan!Ha ha ha its crazy hey!But we are both going to do it,we will face it all and live through it.We will ride in the desert,we will endure the heat.Its not easy for the two of us to be doing all,but we have found it necessary to have control over most aspects of our trip so that at the end of the day it becomes a success.

Well we haven't set the actual departure dates but its somewhere around end of July should all go as planned.Meanwhile we have press releases we are rolling out this week.By Friday our website will be up and running.We have Trail of Hope t-shirts also coming out.Its here where we will be updating the world about all the developments.We have a lot happening,interesting news to share ,potential sponsorship deals !Funnily we have not realised that we have tied ourselves up for the whole year from now!

We are bound to be in magazines ,newspapers and radio to promote our Trail of Hope bike trip Cape Town-Berlin-London.Yes there are challenges,for instance on local varnecular radio stations we will be forced to use English.I can understand most SA languages but i am not fluent.At least Albert can praat(speak) Africans.But should that be a barrier?NO...........We are putting across one massage,ITS UNACCEPTABLE FOR OUR CHILDREN TO LIVE IN THE STREETS.Whatever language you can use to say that,please put it on the comments so the we know what to write and say! Zulu,Tsonga ,Pedi ,Sotho,Venda ,Tswana or Swati.The massage is the same!

Okay most of you would like to know how you can help,how you can be part of this,firstly,sign up to follow this blog!

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