Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meaning of Trail of Hope

Trail of Hope demonstrates the power each of us has, within us to briefly brighten, if not permanently enhance, the lives of those kids facing hardships .Bringing together our creativity and commitment to the belief that anything is possible.

Other people’s perceptions can limit what a kid can accomplish, but Trail of Hope seeks to remove those barriers. Most kids who live in desperate poverty have little or no exposure to anything outside their negative environment, the constant negative influence poverty brings .And the two Trail of Hope riders can both identify with those who struggle as Tendai moved into the streets at a tender age of 9 and was to spend 5 years in and out of the streets .Albert is still learning more about how life is like in that world!

But with privilege comes responsibility to give back ,and so Trail of Hope seeks to create a world, one community at a time , that embraces all races, economic classes, cultures and abilities-realizing that we are nothing without each other and that we have no value when we have an invisible community within us ,THE SO CALLED STREET CHILDREN.

If we can all emulate the examples of decency and dignity that graces other people lives because of selfless giving and be inspired to serve others who may not be so blessed.

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