Friday, April 24, 2009

The Mission-Trail of Hope

Tendai Sean Joe and Albert Arcona from the MylifE Foundation, are preparing a motorbike run from Cape town and arriving in Berlin in November this year. And travel through South Africa and into Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania , Kenya ,Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain ,France ,United Kingdom and Germany.The two activists are from diverse backgrounds, Tendai Sean Joe is a Zimbabwean born former “street” child who has achieved the impossible in life and to become a role model to all of us. Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa – “street” child, achiever – mind blowing story, Albert is a South African author/photographer who climbed Mt Kilimanjalo 10 years ago,to raise funds for SAVE THE RHINO had his life changed forver the day he walked into the MylifE Foundation. (Embracing the racial and social boundaries between them , the two are embarking on a journey that will test their trust , level of humanity and togetherness as they raise awareness of the lives of the amazing children of Africa, the children’s HOPES and DREAMS and what support they need to achieve in life. The dialogue of the children will be HEARD! They are putting their barometer at raising $1 million which will see a Pilot Eco Village in Cape Town being built that will replicate both its blueprint and trained leadership teams to do the same though out Africa. all be a part of this journey with the Tendai, Albert and the MylifE Foundation and bring HOPE to our World, once we as a humanity understand the needs of the children in Africa and work with the SOLUTIONS Africa has to offer and stops funding the PROBLEMS – we will see change

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