Sunday, April 26, 2009

How It All Started.

Well all sounds so funny but all i can say is ,it was meant to happen.I am someone who has learnt to believe and i have also taught myself to dream.So there i was with a lot of ideas in my mind,how would i change the world.Would Obama do it alone?Didn't i have my part to play?Would i do it alone,how long would it take.I hasitantly sent an email to Albert who was working just upstairs,i never knew how he would react.Funnily he did not notice the mail and i had to follow up and have his views,but instead it was all i wanted to hear,"Tendai i will go with you!"

Yes this is what i had been expecting and so,already i had a riding partner.The previous night i had written BMW Mottarad Club(Cape Town) and they had responded positively.I know these guys played a part in convincing Albert that we could do this.The chairman had given me the right people to contact for the bike sponsorship!So when i approached Albert i had a print out of the response from the club chairman!There was nothing solid,but still the little words written on the A4 bond paper would have a lifetime effect on the two of us.

What i did not know is ,Albert a professional photographer/Author had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for SAVE THE RHINO, 10 years ago!This is the charactor i actually needed on my riding partner,the sense of adventure and NO FEAR approach to anything.He had invited me to hike Lion's Head and watch sunset at the peak!That was the moment when we became so close and we started to know each other more.

Well for me,a street survivor,author ,hip hop artist and street activist now becoming a rider nothing would stop me from setting out,putting my life on the line to spread the massage of HOPE to all children living in our Streets across Africa.

We had to start rolling,so there we go!

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