Thursday, April 30, 2009

Official Website Launched Today.

Its been hectic,so stressing but determined as he was,Albert promised me that the website would launch today,yes the 30th of April 2009.I have been so pushy,but i know the chap was drained.But i was so unforgiving,we work with deadlines! And today in the morning he sent me an SMS that he was stuck ,his car was not starting(Maybe it has caught Swine flu!).Ha ha ha ,but what i knew is Albert never gives up so there he came,with his Apple Mac box at around 11am!Hey some people are blessed,i am used to the 9-5 routine!Oh i am joking,for Trail of Hope there is no holiday,there is no weekend,there is nothing like 9-5!Its crazy,down on the planning,logistics,sponsorship application and all that!

Yesterday we went to BMW Motorrad Waterfront,and checked on the bikes and we have decided to use the BMW F800 GS ,yes a good bike it is,so we will see how good it is when we go on training.

Well,the pressure is now sinking in,luckily i have pressure absorbing adaptors in my body system!Oh no don't go around shopping for that,its not sold,you just have to teach yourself,step by step!On your own and in your space!

So now the ball is really rolling.From Monday,its press and sponsorship hunting!Yeah its so exciting and so far so good,i am loving it!Most people are amazed,they see the two of us,me and Albert as two poor okes with 3 months to waste and lives to endanger!Ha ha ha thats the true spirit of Adventure.

"Be part of the smiles!"

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