Saturday, May 2, 2009

From Mayor of Cape Town to Mayor of London

They may also try to look aside,why because we have no solution to the problem of invisible children roaming our cities and streets!But are they realy invisible?No they are visible but are actually unsightly.We do not want to torture our eyes looking at the pain they are going through!We do not want to imagine our children being like that!But where do these children really come from?Were they born in the streets?

If we could have a chat with all African first ladies and they tell us how they feel about this global problem of our kids living in the streets ,would that not be nice?I believe we all have a stereotype of streetkids.Rebels,social outcasts,glue sniffing purse snatchers,potential car breakers and ultimately future criminals!

All this is wrong,i ma a former streetkid and i am non of that.Together we cn make these children responsible citizens.

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