Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hout Bay High School Motivational Session

Trail of Hope is not only about the BMW bike,the street child ,Cape Town and London.We are doing this with the hope of having a platform to motivate and inspire those people living in hopelessness right now.

Well on Tuesday,i went to Hout Bay High School by invitation.I was going to talk to high scholl students and i was not sure ,what to expect ,what i knew was there would be a lot of laughs and smiles.I also knew some of the youths,share a common background not among themselves but with me.Poverty has no bounderies just like child abuse and all challenges under priveledged youths face everyday.

It was a One Hour session,but i never even noticed how time was flying i was reminded by Toni after almost 45 minutes that time was flying.And i had to deliver what i knew would change the young people's lives forever.Well some of them even followed me to the gate,it was all a nice experiance and i plan to do more of these sessions before i take off and after the ride.

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