Monday, May 4, 2009

Travel Safety:Backup Important Documents on USB Key

Travel Safety: Backup Important Documents on USB Key
While solo travel is safe most of the time, things can go wrong. With a USB key and some advance preparation, you can be ready for the most difficult situations.
After your physical and emotional safety, the next most important things to guard carefully are your travel and personal documents. Your passport, visas, driver’s license, credit cards…
Carry your wallet in your front pocket. Use a money belt or the hotel safe for things that you don’t require easy access to. And keep a digital copy of your critical documents tucked away some place safe.
Before you leave, scan your passport, visa, credit cards. etc. And, while you’re at it, create a document that contains your medical information, all the prescriptions and over the counter medications you take and supplements that you know are safe for you. Store it all on a USB memory key and keep it separate from your documents.
Hopefully, you never require the information on the key, but if you do, you will be able to replace documents more easily and get medical care that considers all health issues.

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