Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little Girl Who Has Made Me Cry

Sometimes we tend to overlook issues that need critical attention because we will be so engrossed in our own trouble.We can never save the world but we can make the world a better place.Put yourself in the shoes of the children in this video,how would you survive this ?Are you strong enough to stand up and say no to this?Are you prepared to back us as we prepare an epic trip to tell the world that enough is enough?

Well UNICEF is doing the best it can,but are we standing up and contributing anything?Should these children just perish?

I do not have a loud voice but i will be heard.I do not need to hold a gun in someone's head to make him see whats wrong.We always talk about POVERTY,but we have a tendency to look away when our emotions are overwhelmed.I myself cried after watching this video but were my tears enough?

I WILL RIDE THE BIKE,eat what these children eat,laugh with them,sleep where they sleep and sing with them.I would like the world to see,we have a long way to go and its everyone's duty to be involved.We need to show thse children love,they need us,they love us but do we love them back?

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