Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Publicity and Sponsorship

We the real challenge now is seeking as much publicity as possible because that will enable us to approach sponsors for all we want.I have been going through what we need for thi trip and here is the list

Trail of Hope

List of things to get and do

(Funding R350 000 for trip)

Items Required per rider

BMW F800GS x 2
Bike Spares
Riding Gear – Helmets, Boots, Gloves and clothing
Medical & life Insurance
Communications: 2 way radio – Build in helmets
GPS Tracking System for bikes
Digital Cameras – Canon / Nikon / Sony
Video 3 chip camera – small
Sleeping Bags & Tent
Cellphones & Handsets
Passports & Visas
Credit Card – Visa Master Card
Rechargeable devices
Airline Company -Return

We might have not listed some small items but these are the most useful items we need.

In return to sponsorship we will offer publicity throughout the trip ,on our blogsite and webite.If you have any contact out there who is interested in funding us,then you welcome to help.

We are doing this to raise awareness on what is currently happening to the children on our streets in Africa. We would like to document the cause from the Streets of Africa. Talking to first ladies, mayors and social workers along the way. Poverty, war, HIV/AIDS, have contributed to the epidemic, driving children into the streets. We are raising funds for the solution, the Ubuntu eco Village project.

If things go according to plan, we estimate our departure to be the first week of August and to continue for three months. We expect to reach Europe early November and to reach our final destination, London in late November.

The two of us riding BMW F800 GS motorbikes across Africa, roughing the elements, sleeping on the streets and at children's homes along the way. Sharing stories with the street kids and social workers. Interacting with street kids as much as possible.

With Who?

We are looking for sponsorship in anyway possible, from product endorsements to financial contributions towards our campaign.We also require a production company or TV station to cover our ride. We also would like to partner with the corporate world, public figures and all those who support this cause. The ultimate goal being to make as much noise as possible and create awareness to the plight of the street children across Africa. You can check our website, We will in return make sure all sponsorship is acknowledged through our websites,blog and all radio and TV interviews.

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