Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hout Bay High School Motivational Session

Trail of Hope is not only about the BMW bike,the street child ,Cape Town and London.We are doing this with the hope of having a platform to motivate and inspire those people living in hopelessness right now.

Well on Tuesday,i went to Hout Bay High School by invitation.I was going to talk to high scholl students and i was not sure ,what to expect ,what i knew was there would be a lot of laughs and smiles.I also knew some of the youths,share a common background not among themselves but with me.Poverty has no bounderies just like child abuse and all challenges under priveledged youths face everyday.

It was a One Hour session,but i never even noticed how time was flying i was reminded by Toni after almost 45 minutes that time was flying.And i had to deliver what i knew would change the young people's lives forever.Well some of them even followed me to the gate,it was all a nice experiance and i plan to do more of these sessions before i take off and after the ride.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday 15 May Press Release Put together by Toni Stuart

PRESS RELEASE – Friday May 15

TRAIL OF HOPE – Former street child and photographer raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s children

In August this year, Tendai Sean Joe and Albert Arcona, will set off on a Trail of Hope: a three-month motorbike journey through Africa and Europe to raise awareness of the plight of children At the same time they hope to raise R10 million for the MyLife project.

Their journey will start in Cape Town, and progress through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, France and Germany before ending in England. The road trip will end with two fundraising concerts in Berlin and London.

In each country, they will seek out and speak to children living on the street, documenting these stories on their blog,in video as well as in pictures.They seek to raise awareness around the issues the children in different countries face. While travelling, the two will sleep on the streets,churches and in children’s homes.

“Millions of children live and work on the streets, without food, education, adequate shelter, or a loving family or protection from traffickers, peadophiles, criminals and abusers. These children are caught in a desperate struggle which sees them surviving the realities of poverty, addiction, gangsterism, crime, institutionalisation, life without and disease. These are our future generations that we have conveniently put on the periphery of society and labelled ‘street’ child,” says Tendai, a Zimbabwean-born former street child.

Through the Trail of Hope, Tendai and Albert aim to raise R10 million for the MyLife Project. MyLife is a South African organisation working to rehabilitate people living on the street and integrate them back into society. It is run by people who have come from these harsh realities and turned their lives around. The money will be used to build an Ubuntu Eco Village.

Ambassadors of the MYLIFE project are international actors Billy Zane and James Purefoy, Hakeem Kazeem of Pirates of the Caribbean fame ,Just Jinjer’s lead vocalist Art Matthews, Top Billing presenter Jeannie D

In order to make their journey happen, the pair are looking for sponsorship in the form of product endorsement, financial contributions or donations of equipment.

“We require a film production company or TV station to cover our ride. We would like to partner with the corporate world, public figures and all those who support this cause. The ultimate goal is to make as much noise as possible and create awareness to the plight of the street children across Africa.”


Tendai Sean Joe +27 71 971 5992

Voice of America Interview

Zimbabwe Biker Plans Cape Town-London Marathon for Street Children By Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye
14 May 2009

Interview With Tendai Sean Joe - Download (MP3)
Interview With Tendai Sean Joe - Listen (MP3)

Touched by the plight of street children in his native Zimbabwe, South African-based Tendai Sean Joe is teaming up with friend Albert Arcona for a 16-nation motorcycle tour he is calling the Trail Of Hope to raise awareness and funds to help such children.

From his home base in Cape Town where he works for a youth organization, Joe said that his passion is to make a difference by easing the plight of homeless children.

Joe told reporter Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that he hopes to make a documentary of his trip to help raise public awareness and funds.

More reports from VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little Girl Who Has Made Me Cry

Sometimes we tend to overlook issues that need critical attention because we will be so engrossed in our own trouble.We can never save the world but we can make the world a better place.Put yourself in the shoes of the children in this video,how would you survive this ?Are you strong enough to stand up and say no to this?Are you prepared to back us as we prepare an epic trip to tell the world that enough is enough?

Well UNICEF is doing the best it can,but are we standing up and contributing anything?Should these children just perish?

I do not have a loud voice but i will be heard.I do not need to hold a gun in someone's head to make him see whats wrong.We always talk about POVERTY,but we have a tendency to look away when our emotions are overwhelmed.I myself cried after watching this video but were my tears enough?

I WILL RIDE THE BIKE,eat what these children eat,laugh with them,sleep where they sleep and sing with them.I would like the world to see,we have a long way to go and its everyone's duty to be involved.We need to show thse children love,they need us,they love us but do we love them back?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Publicity and Sponsorship

We the real challenge now is seeking as much publicity as possible because that will enable us to approach sponsors for all we want.I have been going through what we need for thi trip and here is the list

Trail of Hope

List of things to get and do

(Funding R350 000 for trip)

Items Required per rider

BMW F800GS x 2
Bike Spares
Riding Gear – Helmets, Boots, Gloves and clothing
Medical & life Insurance
Communications: 2 way radio – Build in helmets
GPS Tracking System for bikes
Digital Cameras – Canon / Nikon / Sony
Video 3 chip camera – small
Sleeping Bags & Tent
Cellphones & Handsets
Passports & Visas
Credit Card – Visa Master Card
Rechargeable devices
Airline Company -Return

We might have not listed some small items but these are the most useful items we need.

In return to sponsorship we will offer publicity throughout the trip ,on our blogsite and webite.If you have any contact out there who is interested in funding us,then you welcome to help.

We are doing this to raise awareness on what is currently happening to the children on our streets in Africa. We would like to document the cause from the Streets of Africa. Talking to first ladies, mayors and social workers along the way. Poverty, war, HIV/AIDS, have contributed to the epidemic, driving children into the streets. We are raising funds for the solution, the Ubuntu eco Village project.

If things go according to plan, we estimate our departure to be the first week of August and to continue for three months. We expect to reach Europe early November and to reach our final destination, London in late November.

The two of us riding BMW F800 GS motorbikes across Africa, roughing the elements, sleeping on the streets and at children's homes along the way. Sharing stories with the street kids and social workers. Interacting with street kids as much as possible.

With Who?

We are looking for sponsorship in anyway possible, from product endorsements to financial contributions towards our campaign.We also require a production company or TV station to cover our ride. We also would like to partner with the corporate world, public figures and all those who support this cause. The ultimate goal being to make as much noise as possible and create awareness to the plight of the street children across Africa. You can check our website, We will in return make sure all sponsorship is acknowledged through our websites,blog and all radio and TV interviews.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Travel Safety:Backup Important Documents on USB Key

Travel Safety: Backup Important Documents on USB Key
While solo travel is safe most of the time, things can go wrong. With a USB key and some advance preparation, you can be ready for the most difficult situations.
After your physical and emotional safety, the next most important things to guard carefully are your travel and personal documents. Your passport, visas, driver’s license, credit cards…
Carry your wallet in your front pocket. Use a money belt or the hotel safe for things that you don’t require easy access to. And keep a digital copy of your critical documents tucked away some place safe.
Before you leave, scan your passport, visa, credit cards. etc. And, while you’re at it, create a document that contains your medical information, all the prescriptions and over the counter medications you take and supplements that you know are safe for you. Store it all on a USB memory key and keep it separate from your documents.
Hopefully, you never require the information on the key, but if you do, you will be able to replace documents more easily and get medical care that considers all health issues.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

From Mayor of Cape Town to Mayor of London

They may also try to look aside,why because we have no solution to the problem of invisible children roaming our cities and streets!But are they realy invisible?No they are visible but are actually unsightly.We do not want to torture our eyes looking at the pain they are going through!We do not want to imagine our children being like that!But where do these children really come from?Were they born in the streets?

If we could have a chat with all African first ladies and they tell us how they feel about this global problem of our kids living in the streets ,would that not be nice?I believe we all have a stereotype of streetkids.Rebels,social outcasts,glue sniffing purse snatchers,potential car breakers and ultimately future criminals!

All this is wrong,i ma a former streetkid and i am non of that.Together we cn make these children responsible citizens.
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